The Laughing Club – my inspiration


Okay, she’s a pretty wrinkly nude, but I did her in the one minute warm-up at the Arthouse Hotel in Pitt Street Sydney where they have Life Drawing sessions every Monday. (Fantastic value if you like to draw!) I go as often as I can. One night there was a guy sitting next to me who was basically just drawing the breasts of the model – very intently.I asked him if he was practicing breasts and he said “No”. Breasts were just what he liked to draw. He was a lovely guy, a little embarrassed about his breast fixation, but open about it too. We chatted a while and I said I think everyone is interested in breasts – men, women and children. He said he was rather more interested than most people..

I guess you’d call that a fetish. It got me thinking that often we regard fetishes as disgusting, violent, or somehow not normal. They are the most normal thing in the world, but sometimes they can interfere with others things. I used the character and the idea in the Laughing Club.

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