Two new short stories

I’ve just added two new short stories.

One is a humorous story about arguments in a marriage. It’s called Geoff – on having a blue.  I wrote it because, in retrospect, most arguments seem petty and ridiculous. Ever had a fight about baking pans? Ever threatened to leave your partner and two weeks later you can’t remember why? Then this story is for you.

The other new story – Dr Suleiman’s garden, is more serious, but with a light touch. It’s about a very old grandmother who wants to donate a kidney to her granddaughter. It ranges over her life. She’s a gutsy old girl with many human frailties and an interesting life. Add in the wild and understandably depressed granddaughter, plus the prim but kind Dr Suleiman and there’s my mix. Enjoy!

typewriter 2           The stories posted last month are:

Black Labrador, a story based on an urban myth. It’s funny but with serious stuff mixed in.

Crazy for Daphne is a story for Baby Boomers. It’s about a child’s view of a love affair – and family relationships at that time.

The Laughing Club – people have described this story as weird. Have a look at the comments. It is. It’s about fetishes and laughter and getting your life together.


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