Someone better


6624452095_ca8a87a84a_mSomeone better? Someone who’s kinder, has more friends, does good works, is smarter, sexier, better looking, more successful, richer? Love him, hate her. Hate her, love him.

The someone better idea sits a little uneasily in our land of the fair go. And damn those tall poppies! That doesn’t stop us thinking that Julia is better than Tony or Tony is better than Julia. Kevin Rudd, well, he’s either Saint Kevin or the devil incarnate. We’re quite willing to rate our public figures, just not ourselves.

When a loved one (actually, they pretty quickly become an unloved one) tells us they’ve found someone better than us, that really sucks. A better friend, a better employee, a better sibling. Most of all, a better lover, male or female. How dare they?! It cuts us to the bone. Which is why I wrote Someone better – on my website

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