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typewriter 2What I write about

I’m a contemporary story-teller, a baby boomer story-teller. I write about  ordinary people here and now – relationships, families, work, getting old, being young. And I throw in a few historical stories.

My stories are quirky, funny, sometimes sad or nostalgic.

I’m passionately interested in what shapes our lives, the weird and wonderful everyday things that happen. I write about how things change and how they stay the same.

I write stories about getting older. Sometimes that gets a groan but getting older happens when you’re 20, it happens when you’re 50 – in fact, it happens all the way from birth to death. And you don’t often hear how the lives of older people can become as emotionally tumultuous as life in adolescence.

Who knows what else I’ll write? I like to surprise myself and I often do.

I aim to post two stories a month. During my career, I have mostly written books, so this is a new venture. I love it and I hope readers do too.

I want to hear from you

I love to hear from you via email, Facebook and Twitter. Just a like or dislike is fine, but send me a message or paste a comment here. I want to know how my story makes you feel, how it relates to your experience, if it makes you laugh or cry, why you love it or hate it.

I’ll contact you

I blog, email and am on Facebook and Twitter and I’ll be in contact whenever there’s a new story as well as when there’s something interesting that relates to a story. Or I’ll post when I’m excited about other people’s stories or I have something interesting to say about the writing process.

I don’t spam you or hassle you.

You can unsubscribe very easily from email if you don’t want any communications.

 No money changes hands

I’m not interested in making money out of my stories. This site is forever free.

Copyright, however, is forever mine.

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