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Telling stories

photoI write my stories. That feels natural to me, but in the history of story telling – which covers all of human history, people have mostly just told their own story directly to others. The cavemen sat round the fire and told stories. Now people sit round the dinner table. Or they go to the pub. Or tell them at work. We all love to hear stories.

My friend Kathryn Bendell who has run a comedy room for the last few years as well as performing comedy herself, has fallen in love with story telling. She runs a wonderful afternoon of storytelling first Sunday of the month at the Roxbury Hotel in St John’s Road Glebe (Sydney). The stories range from hilarious to tragic, from ridiculous to inspiring and are always entertaining. This Sunday, 10th March, it’s on at 5p.m. with 6 story tellers who will tell wonderful stories on the theme of Taming the Monster. Each story is about ten minutes and each storyteller will have their own unique take on the topic. It’s a great way to spend a few hours, with stories, food and drink. I love it. If you love short stories, try them live. Find out more on Facebook – Tell me a story. Or Be there!