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  1. Laurie Wilson

    Just a brief note Helen having just completed reading your book ‘Above the Starry Frame’, to say how much I enjoyed the story and your writing style. I have for some 40+ years been an avid student of Irish history – Family, Social, Political, Economic, and have researched and written (privately) a great deal about my and my wife’s Irish forebears, a couple of them from fairly well off (gentry class), most others humble and poor – but all displaced by the turmoil of the 19th century in Ireland. I have read numbers of letters written between Ireland and Victoria – on the goldfields and on their land grants/acquisitions. Many times I have tried to imagine the feelings and the grief of those who left and those who stayed behind, most knowing their separation was forever; and the heartbreaking fracturing of close families; the hardness of life for so many in Ireland and for many in their early years in Australia. You have captured all of those feelings of loss and grief so very well. I thank you for your deep research and your creativity in bringing these things to life.
    Sincerely – Laurie Wilson


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